Free E-book: How Employers Can Plan for COVID-19 Reemergence and Business Continuity

Continuity-After-COVID-19-3DThe COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the U.S. economy a curveball unlike any we have experienced. As businesses throughout the nation – and the world – closed their doors and individuals were told to shelter in place, the majority of us joined the remote workforce. Even as states loosened restrictions, many workers have continued to work remotely and productively from home. Meanwhile, unemployment climbed to its highest level since the Great Depression.

As we sort through an unclear future, how can businesses simultaneously emerge from the economic shutdown and prepare for more uncertainty—all while meeting their customers’ expectations?

The purpose of our new e-book is to focus on four critical issues that business owners must navigate to be successful during this critical time:

  • Addressing HR Issues
  • Technology, Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • COVID-19 Scenario Planning

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