As a business owner, you have spent years carefully planning for the growth of your business. You’ve been deeply engaged in the daily challenges of running the business and meeting short- and long-term objectives. Yet, how many years have you spent planning for the eventual sale or succession of your business? Are you aware that exit planning is a strategic business tool? The truth is, preparing for the sale of your business takes years of advance planning.

3D-How-to-Prepare-Your-BusinessPractice-for-Sale(1) (ID 135448)In “Preparing a Business for Sale,” we focus on the key steps you can follow to ensure the successful and profitable sale of your business. Chapters include:

  • Understand Your Current Valuation and Business Readiness
  • Reduce Business Risk to Protect Value
  • Plan Strategically to Build Value
  • Identify Exit Options

We also provide information on the need to develop a post-sale plan for what you want to do once you exit your business. Some business owners are interested in starting a new business, while others engage in the community by serving on a board. Either way, having a game plan will make it more likely that you will fulfill your personal goals.

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