3D-book_Manufacturing-Fraud (ID 142203)Would it surprise you to learn that the manufacturing industry is second only to banking in the number of global fraud cases a year?

No business owner wants to believe that their employees would steal from them. Yet, fraud can happen at businesses of all sizes and among employees at all levels.

For manufacturers, there’s a lot at stake. According to a leading report, the median loss of each manufacturing fraud case is $240,000–the third highest among all industries. Clearly, manufacturers must act to stem the losses they are incurring each year.

Fortunately, there are controls you can either strengthen or put in place to proactively manage your risk. This e-book addresses internal controls and risk assessments that can help you gauge your particular vulnerabilities.

Contents include:

  • Types of Internal Fraud
  • Internal Controls to Prevent Employee Fraud
  • Manufacturing Case Study
  • Fraud and Internal Controls Assessments

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