3D-Image_You're Right to an IRS Defense Strategy (ID 136749)While no one likes to think about it, there may come a time when the IRS requires information from you. Just because the IRS notifies you of an inquiry, however, doesn’t mean you – or your business – are guilty of something. You have every right to defend yourself, but you will need a sound strategy.

Even when penalties or fines are justified, there is a due process for hearings, appeals and payment alternatives. Working with a trained IRS defense professional who understands all the options, you can mount a sound defense strategy.

We prepared this e-book to walk you through the defense process and explain how you can best protect your interests. Topics include:

  • The Right to a Defense
  • Appeals Process: What to Expect at a Hearing
  • Alternatives to IRS-Enforced Collections
  • Protecting Your Interests

Also included is a brief overview of liens and levies, and an explanation of innocent spouse rights. Please complete our form below to receive your e-book, so you can learn more about the IRS defense process.

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