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Future-Proofing the Family Office: Digitalization, Cybersecurity and Proactive Succession Planning

Future-Proofing-the-Family-Office-3DThe world is living through unpredictable times, causing every business leader to make real-time adjustments. Market volatility, the pandemic, a change in administration and other socioeconomic factors have business leaders cautiously eyeing the future. As a family office leader, how do you strategically position your business for growth in the decade ahead while protecting what’s at stake today?

For example, how do you balance digital technology with ever-increasing cyber threats? What measures can you take to plan for the future without putting your personal information at risk? As you look ahead to the future, how can you make succession planning part of your ongoing business goals, rather than a one-time event?

We wrote this e-book to help you consider three key elements for future-proofing your family office: taking advantage of essential digital tools, protecting the adoption of these tools with strong cybersecurity measures and preparing clearly-defined succession plans.

Contents include:

  • How Technology Can Transform the Family Office
  • Cybersecurity: Risk Management and Fraud Prevention
  • Successful Succession Planning

Goldin Peiser & Peiser works with high-net-worth families to provide strategic insights for family members, family entities and designated family representatives. Our CPAs can work to help you pursue your best interests long-term and proactively provide services to protect your family office today and in the future. Please complete our form to receive the e-book.

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