Free E-book: The Changing Sales and Use Tax Environment

What Every Business Owner Should Understand 

3D-book_Sales-Use-Tax (ID 147069)For many business owners, state sales and use tax obligations has never been clear-cut. For example, when should use tax be collected, and whose responsibility is it—the buyer or the seller? Meanwhile, states have only increased their scrutiny of these taxes by ramping up audit activity to find new sources of revenue.

The tax landscape is significantly changing – especially regarding nexus – making it imperative for all business owners to understand each state’s requirements or risk costly penalties for noncompliance. After all, the last thing you want to do is trigger an audit of your business.

Changes impacting the collection of sales and use tax affect Texas business owners, but they also have implications for business conducted in other states and countries, as well as for digital sales.

The purpose of this e-book is to review recent changes in sales and use tax requirements, the reasons for the changes and how to manage the process should your business be audited.

Topics include:

  • Nexus Rules: What Has Changed?
  • Common Errors That Trigger Audits
  • What to Do if You Are Audited

Also included is a case study showing why it is important to work with a professional with sales tax audit experience should you find your company on the receiving end of an audit assessment.

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